Monday, June 12, 2017

Necchi BU Nova no. 3

Those of you who read my blog have probably seen my Nova no. 1.  It's nice, very nice.  In a Coronet cabinet, no less.  Lots of attachments and purchased on a dark and windy night.

Well, you're probably wondering where no. 2 is.  It's being refurbished and the process is slow and laborious because I'm in the middle of Washington State estate taxes and I have to buy parts for it, rewire, and the usual cleaning, etc.  I'll get to it, I promise.

So here's no. 3, a Goodwill find.  Of the three, this is actually the prettiest one and the only one in a Necchi case.  (I actively seek machines in cases rather than in cabinets.  I only have so much room in my heart.)  The original manual is included (pristine condition, too) as well as 5 Necchi bobbins and 3 Necchi high shank presser feet.  Nice.  The case is in pretty decent shape although I need to glue one piece of the papering just to be sure.  Heavy and sturdy, just how I like 'em.

The BU Nova and Mira are two of my favorite simple zig-zag machines.  The threading on the presser foot screw and the tension assembly is very tight so that minute gradations of adjustment can be achieved and the 1.1 amp motor is the perfect complement to this smooth machine.  I also really love the design of the length lever and the sympathetic limiters which are stopped with a single thumb screw -- great design.

Some Novas can accept the Wonder Wheel and some cannot.  This one cannot as it doesn't have the correct levers.  That's OK with me, both of my Miras have Wonder Wheel assemblies (though I'm missing some rods, unfortunately).  Besides, I wouldn't use this for decorative stitching anyway as its strengths are an excellent straight stitch -- a sure sign of a beautifully engineered zig-zag machine -- and, of course, its zig-zag which is about as wide as 5mm, perhaps slightly less.

The condition of this one is quite good, even down to the wiring.  I love when I can find a vintage machine in an original case, all of which is still in great shape.  My Nova no. 2 is reminding me that folks pay some rather princely sums for these vintage machines in order to avoid repairing and servicing them and yes, that indeed makes sense.  I'll never make money at this hobby but I'm sure having a great time.

Now, to learn to sew.  Hmm....