Monday, March 20, 2017

Necchi Supernova Automatica Ultra No. 2

I've been good about not answering online ads but there are times when I just can't not answer and this was one of them.

There it was, a shiny pink SN Automatica Ultra in an original case with all of the original attachments for only $40.  So, I breathed a heavy sigh and made the arrangements with the seller.  A cold March morning (32F -- that's cold in the Puget Sound region at this time of year!) yielded a friendly seller who was happy to get rid of her machine, as she "hates the color."  Yep, you read that correctly.  I guess this kind of dusty rose color isn't for everyone, though I kind of like it.  I would prefer a gray one and I hope to find one -- perhaps even a free arm.     

So now I have two of these.  This one needs oiling and grease, new cords, and about 10 solid minutes of running.  The width knob's a little tight.  Other than that, this machine is just about mint.  I will check the belt but the hand wheel is pulling very well and it's freakishly smooth.  This machine hasn't seen much use at all and the underside is nice and clean.  The case shows a few bumps but it too is in good shape save for the tab that holds the machine down and I can find replacements easily.  No manual.

I really like it when owners keep the sets of attachments with their machines.  The prices of these sets can reach $100 depending upon condition and extras so if you have yours, care for them well!