Thursday, May 4, 2017

Necchi BU Supernova Automatica Ultra no. 3

Yet another Supernova, yes. 

I know, I know.  I need to stop buying them.  But this is the mint green color I've wanted for a long time, the price was right ($50), and it's in OK condition.  (It has a broken spool pin, missing hinge pins, broken light/motor switches, loose badge, dirt/dust/oil/tape residue/etc., and a few dings.)  The seller said she bought it on eBay which surprised me as I usually follow eBay fairly closely, although I'm not nearly as hawk-eyed as I used to be.

I do love these Supernovas.  They are really smooth and precise, look fantastic, and parts are more common and less expensive than might be assumed.  Best of all, this one came with a nearly complete accessories set including all cams and most of the presser feet.  These two boxes alone are worth more than what I paid for the package.

It's fun to imagine a display of all my Supernovas together.  And yes, I would probably acquire a gray one just to have all the colors.  At this point, what's one more?

Oh, I should mention: it runs extremely well.  That matters, right?

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